Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in the Garden

Got a bit of gardening done today. I've been ill the last few days-- achy and exhausted and running waxing and waning fevers up to 103 deg, which takes a wild toll on the adult corpus. Today I felt good enough to go out into the yard, and in about forty-five minutes I weeded most of one raised bed, installed a nice layer of rich, wet, black compost, and planted some bush beans, which I'd had soaking overnight. The warm sun felt good on my back, and the compost smelled rich and feral. There's something important about growing one's own food-- even if one only grows a pot of herbs or a couple of tomato plants. There may be no better way to embrace the cycles of light and life, to sing along with the Universe's sacred music and feel like you know the words.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tengo un Pasaporte!

A special delivery came in yesterday's mail: my first passport! It may seem odd to many of you that I've never had one, but the truth is, I haven't traveled outside the US other than visiting Canada, and that was before passport-required days. For years, I was raising kids and trying to scrape by, money-wise, and after that, I was back in school and trying to scrape by, money-wise, and now I'm a part-time college educator and trying to scrape by, money-wise. You see the pattern.

So, why a passport now? I'm at a time in my life when I do want to travel, and if I plan carefully, I can manage it. Big Trip #1 will be to the south of France this summer, where my dear friends (a.k.a. my French kids) Heliette and Arnaud will host a Grey School Conclave-- a magickal gathering of GS faculty and students. This won't be "tourist France"-- this'll be "real France." They live in a centuries-old stone house in Pont-en-Royans (see image, above) at the foot of the Vercors mountains. We'll be exploring the countryside, checking out medieval castles and ruins, studying the land, eating authentic food, and sharing magick-based classes and workshops. I cannot wait!

On another note.... I'm pausing today to remember and honor a man who was as important in my life as any mentor ever has been, and more important than most. My friend and past boss, F. Owen Black, died a week ago yesterday on May 18. Today is his funeral in Colorado. I gave serious thought to trying to attend, but between money and end-of-term grading, it just wasn't possible. Damn that.... My heart goes out to his family today, and my loving memories to him, and if you have a moment, please light a candle for him and for me. FOB, I miss you.  Ex amino....

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Awake from a loooooooong nap....

Well-- guess I took a little break there, yes? But I'm back to it now. Welcome back to the blog, people!