Monday, February 06, 2006

Puppy Bowl II

The Seahawks may have let us down, but Puppy Bowl II never failed to please. And you had to love the hardest hitter of all, the white miniature poodle--yes, poodle!--"Barry" (see below).

(I wasn't much for the kitten half-time show, though, although I'll take it over the experience of watching the Rolling Stone wrecks tottering around the actual Super Bowl halftime stage. Shudder. Someone get these guys a set of rocking chairs and some high-calorie milkshakes, and hurry! I mean, sometimes more really is less, yes?)

In other news, I am entering into a next few days that can be best described as something between slog and purgatory. I've got a pile of student papers to grade and a term paper of my own due, and that's on top of my usual insane schedule.

Don't worry if you don't hear much from me until the end of the week. And wish me luck.