Monday, October 01, 2012

October Unprocessed!

I'm starting a new project today: taking part in October Unprocessed, a challenge that amounts to eating only "real food" for the entire month of October.

As you've probably noticed from my Pagan in the Kitchen blog, I already tend to eat "close to the dirt" every day. That is, I try to work with whole foods: those that I grow myself, get from my CSA box or local farmer's market, or purchase from a store that offers sustainable, organic, and healthful foods. I also do most of my own cooking, and I rarely use anything processed, boxed, etc.

For me, the challenge is going to be about doing an even better job of this. It's going to give me a chance to focus even more closely on how I'm eating and what I'm eating and the intention with which I approach food.

My concerns so far? The occasional (maybe once or twice a week) can of Diet Coke, which will definitely be off the  options list according to the rules of the game; fortunately, coffee and tea are still fine for that occasional caffeine fix. And this is all for good, because I know I shouldn't be drinking any soda-- there's just nothing good about it. I'm also either going to have to buy some simple, rustic bread or make my own. Milk is a conundrum, too. The pasteurization process technically counts as processing, I suppose, but raw milk is illegal to buy/sell in Oregon, and I don't use milk fast enough to use raw milk quickly enough, even if I could get my hands on some. I'm going to resolve this issue by buying small amounts of milk from local, sustainable dairies. Thankfully we have a number close by.

This morning, I began the challenge with organic oatmeal (from Bob's Red Mill), served with fresh local blackberries, toasted walnuts, a drizzle of real maple syrup, and skim milk. I teach a class tonight, so will prepare a late-afternoon supper of sauteed greens with polenta. So far, so good.

I'll use this blog to report on how the experience is going-- I'd appreciate it if you'd check back now and then and offer me your cheers. And hey: you could take the challenge, too! Head on over to the October Unprocessed site and sign up! It's all for good....