Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rock Star photo....

It’s been a busy week, with several high points.

Last week I found out that I’m receiving the “Giving Back Fellowship,” a new award given by the Dept. of English/Writing to a first year graduate writing student. It means enough of a cash prize that I can give up my Vanguard job next fall. This is a good thing: although I’ve enjoyed writing for the paper, it takes up a lot of time, and cuts into my writing and studying.

I also found out that two of my WR 121 students from winter term are getting awards at the Kellogg ceremony. Woo hoo! I am so, so proud of them!

I met with my advisor this week and found that I’m close to being done with my hard credit requirements for both MAs, which is a load off my mind, and means I can now concentrate on a few remaining classes and on preparing for graduation in a year.

I watched Capote, finally. WOW. An incredible film, and I fully support Phillip Seymore Hoffman's 'best actor' win. WOW.

Erin came for the weekend. We watched TV and hung out watched the Gilmore Girls finale and visited the gorge yesterday and had a lovely time. Here is the view from Crown Point:

Here's Erin (tiny pink person) on the top tier of Crown Point's Vista House:

Here we are below Multnomah Falls:

Erin, at the foot of Horsetail Falls:

The obligatory ice cream from Cascade Locks:

This morning, Erin, Bill, and I went to Farmer’s Market. After Erin and Amber headed home, Bill and I went to see the Artrain, a traveling Native American art show that is held within a set of train cars and is pulled from city to city. I'm not sure how Milwaukie pulled this off, because Artrain is a really big deal, and somehow we got it instead of Portland! In fact, it pulled up right behind the apartments where Katie once lived.

Here's Bill on the Artrain, which turns out to be a gallery inside temperature- and humidity-controlled train cars.

I'm strangely tired today, but it's been a good week.

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Katie said...

I wish I'd been in the Gorge with you : ) But in two weeks... I'm home!! Think I'm arriving in Portland on Thursday, June 8.