Sunday, June 11, 2006

Family in town!

Lots going on. I’m headed into spring term Finals Week (note intentional use of capital letters) and my family is visiting! Katie arrived on Thursday, Mom on Friday, Erin & Scott & Rebecca on Saturday. I haven’t time to write much right now—more after Finals Week is over—but let’s try a photo story. At least that way you’ll know I’m alive.

So, Katie arrived. And with her—or any of the kids—always come the inevitable assortment of cousins, friends, school chums and the like. Here’s a photo of Katie and two of her Chi-O sorority sisters (l-r: Kat, Holly, and Katie) headed out for a night on the town:

Yesterday (Saturday), Bill, Mom, Katie, Holly, and I spent a day in the Columbia River Gorge.

Driving east, we stopped first at Sam Hill’s Stonehenge monument, a short distance east of the Maryhill Museum. This Stonehenge is an exact size replica of the one on England’s Salisbury plain.

Katie, Gammie, and Holly on a rock before Stonehenge, with the Columbia in the background.

The view from Stonehenge….

The Columbia River, framed by Stonehenge (photo by Holly)….

Our ultimate goal was the Temani-Pesh Wa trail, a trail literally “written in stone.” It is the home of several petroglyphs, rescued from Petroglyph Canyon before the area was flooded in 1957 by the impounded waters behind The Dalles Dam (the same flood that erased Celilo Falls).

Spedis (say SPEE-duss) owl, a very famous glyph:

And another cool one, the water devil:

We walked down the train tracks to get a view of ‘She Who Watches.’ Here are Katie, Mom, Bill, and Holly. ‘She Who Watches’ is a dark (reddish) glyph near the upper right corner of the picture, just to the left of a green bush.

A closer view….

And another….

It was a great trip…. Except for a little run-in with a ranger at the site, who wasn’t happy with the fact that we were technically trespassing when we looked at ‘She Who Watches.’ But I promise you all, we didn’t do anything we shouldn’t have. I would never, never, never harm a petroglyph or any other sacred object. Never.

This morning we all went to the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market. Note Erin and I, reflected in Bill’s glasses!

Wish me luck on those exams. We’ll chat later!

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