Monday, November 13, 2006

Weather watching

It's a helluva day at sea, sir! (Trivia buffs... name that film!)

In the last week or so, we've had something like 8 inches of rain here in Portland. In the last two days, we had a windstorm (gust to 70+ mph) and more rain; the same storms are dumping feet of snow in the Cascades. It's a mess-- flooding, trees, down, power outtages, roads washed out. Hwy 35 on Mt. Hood lost 23 miles (!) of roadway, completely cutting off the Mt.Hood Meadows ski area from humanity; repairs will cause many millions and will take many months (interestingly, said ski area continues to sell season passes. Hmmm....) The gorge is on landslide watch, and the old highway is closed.

Milwaukie is only 39 feet above sea level, so flooding always gets my attention. But thanks to the French drain bill installed aorund the foundation we've stayed snuggly dry. Yay!

Anyway, I've stayed close to home. Was going to go see Mom yesterday, but didn't think it was wide in terms of the multi-dimensional horrible weather.

That's the report. Boring, I know.


Katie said...

That's amazing the basement has stayed dry for once. Go Bill!

Is the movie "overboard?"

Moonwriter said...

Yes, Overboard it is!

Anonymous said...

We watched Overboard at the hospital while Amber was in labor. :)