Sunday, December 03, 2006

Finals Week

Not much to write about, but rest assured that I am alive. On the action item list right now....

FINALS WEEK. Big seminar paper due no later than Thursday. I'm hoping for sooner.

Bunged up knee-- MRI tomorrow. Like I can afford it.

Holidays coming! Hoska-baking next Saturday with Valbo. (See December 05 archives)

Need to go see Mom, but the doc has had me housebound and off the knee until the MRI.

Gargoyles galleys should be coming any time now! When those come, everything else will be dropped so that I can attend to the proofreading.

Cute poodle picture above. He was almost killed by a pancake today, but survived.

P.S. Mark your calendars now for 10 pm on Dec. 13-- the Janice Dickinson Christmas Special!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Ernie survived the pancake and I think it's cute that you're excited for the Janice Dickinson Xmas special.