Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hunting Week!

Bill's off hunting on his annual retreat to the southeastern Oregon high desert. There he is at left, at about 5:30 am last Friday, showing off his annual apple cake (which I made). I always have grand plans for enjoying the peace and quiet in his absence, but it's not to be this time. Erin visited last weekend and Scott and Rebecca are coming next weekend. I'm also up to my eyeballs (and then some) in school and worrying about dealing with Mom's car and furniture outside of that. Not exactly restful! However it's always nice to see the kids, and besides, "hunting week" traditionally turns out to be far from the restful oasis I so carefully plan. It's kind of like my own little compressed annual version of Murphy's law.

School is going along fine, and it's been nice to meet my students and to be back in the classroom once again. The research paper writing class is especially interesting so far.... I've also been offered a part time position in Clackamas Community College's Writing Center, which is terrific. That officially means that I have three jobs right now, plus my GSW positions. Woo hoo!

Fall is officially underway, and we're having a lovely, dark, cool siege of rain. This is my favorite season, and I'm happily settled into cozy clothes and turning on the little electric fireplace in my home office-- Ernie used to love curling up in front of it. Bill objects to eating lamb (as a boy working on the Z-X Ranch, he recalls baby lambs cavorting and can't bring himself to eat lamb now; if I order it in a restaurant, he baaaaaahs softly at me throughout the meal). So, I went to Costco Monday and bought a small boneless leg of lamb roast, and roasted it with garlic and rosemary and olive oil. And oh man, is it good. Just another reaffirmation that much as I love eating vegetarian, I am a devout carnivore.

No big plans this week-- student stuff, catching up on paperwork, and the like. Pretty exciting stuff, huh Jan?

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