Monday, October 01, 2012

October Unprocessed!

I'm starting a new project today: taking part in October Unprocessed, a challenge that amounts to eating only "real food" for the entire month of October.

As you've probably noticed from my Pagan in the Kitchen blog, I already tend to eat "close to the dirt" every day. That is, I try to work with whole foods: those that I grow myself, get from my CSA box or local farmer's market, or purchase from a store that offers sustainable, organic, and healthful foods. I also do most of my own cooking, and I rarely use anything processed, boxed, etc.

For me, the challenge is going to be about doing an even better job of this. It's going to give me a chance to focus even more closely on how I'm eating and what I'm eating and the intention with which I approach food.

My concerns so far? The occasional (maybe once or twice a week) can of Diet Coke, which will definitely be off the  options list according to the rules of the game; fortunately, coffee and tea are still fine for that occasional caffeine fix. And this is all for good, because I know I shouldn't be drinking any soda-- there's just nothing good about it. I'm also either going to have to buy some simple, rustic bread or make my own. Milk is a conundrum, too. The pasteurization process technically counts as processing, I suppose, but raw milk is illegal to buy/sell in Oregon, and I don't use milk fast enough to use raw milk quickly enough, even if I could get my hands on some. I'm going to resolve this issue by buying small amounts of milk from local, sustainable dairies. Thankfully we have a number close by.

This morning, I began the challenge with organic oatmeal (from Bob's Red Mill), served with fresh local blackberries, toasted walnuts, a drizzle of real maple syrup, and skim milk. I teach a class tonight, so will prepare a late-afternoon supper of sauteed greens with polenta. So far, so good.

I'll use this blog to report on how the experience is going-- I'd appreciate it if you'd check back now and then and offer me your cheers. And hey: you could take the challenge, too! Head on over to the October Unprocessed site and sign up! It's all for good....


Charlie Rainbow Wolf, The Stonetalker said...
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Charlie Rainbow Wolf, The Stonetalker said...

Huzzah for Bob's Red Mill!

Jennifer Rueda said...

Interesting about unproc'ed milk being illegal. I'm glad you can find some at a local dairy. I've only had "raw" milk straight from a cow twice, I think. It was so warm it was almost hot! In Mexico, my friends mixed it with chocolate- very good, but oh so rich. I'm so lucky to have had these experiences. Okay, good luck with your plan, Susan!! You can do it! Who needs diet coke, anyhow. Yuck!!

Jane Ibbetson said...

Hi Sue YUM! Polenta and greens.
Looks like you are off to a great start. Yes, I will visit your blog often. Likewise, please visit my two posts about October Unprocessed at and you can listen to an interview about my book, Smart Eating Made Simple