Thursday, December 29, 2005

Northern Exposure Season 4!

Hurray! Hurray! Northern Exposure season 4 will be released on March 28, 2006—just in time for Spring Break! (I feel an all-NX day coming on….)

My favorite season is #3, but season 4 is pretty danged good, including episodes in which a pregnant Shelly sings all of her lyrics, Chris builds a sculptural homage to the Winter Solstice, Cicely’s Thanksgiving-happy Indians throw tomatoes at the white people (“They have lots of anger,” explains Marilyn Whirlwind), Joel and Maggie "make hay" (inside pun), Maurice throws a blow-out party, Maggie digs up women’s relics in her yard (framed by Loreena McKennitt’s haunting music), and Shelly gives birth (in a room above the bar) in an episode backlit by a magnificent old tree.

(Erin: the picture's for you!)

Okay, okay…. So it’s also the season when Mike Monroe, aka, the bubble man,” comes to town. But I can forgive them that in the midst of the above magnificent episodes.

Now, if only they’d release Thirtysomething, I’d be happy.


Erin Pez said...

Thank you for the picture!

Adam said...

I used to watch "Northern Exposure" with my Dad (my mom hated the show), and I recall liking it (hopefully not just because mom hated it). Yet, I have nearly no memory of what the series was about. The episodes I've seen in syndication have been great, and I've been meaning to take some time to revisit the series. I'll have to find out if any video stores are renting it out--or just buy the series for my Dad, and then demand we watch it together.

Thanks for jostling my memory!

Moonwriter said...

Hi Adam,

'NX' is one of my favorite shows (if not the favorite of all time. Seasons 1-3 are already out on DVD and are rentable through Netflix. Season 4 is on its way. Now I’m hoping they’ll also release 5 and 6, although they aren’t nearly as good as the earlier years.

Katie said...

Happy news! :) I will buy it for sure.

Bubble Man was a bit shark-jumpy but i can also forgive them, given all the season four goodness.

FishTaxi said...

Bubble man did not fit in. Period.

I was living here when NX came out but didn't have a TV. Watched it later when A & E was playing it.

Great show. I liked the storekeeper who always had what you needed dusty somewhere.