Thursday, December 08, 2005

Welcome to Moonwritings....

Merry meet, all!

Well, there... I just used the one exclamation point that one of my writing teachers (who I'll describe here with the cryptic initials 'DG') says that I'm allowed in my lifetime. Guess that's it.

Anyway, I've finally taken the plunge. I have a blog. Still no cell phone, though.

Enough for now--I'm off to try and figure out the rest of this.


dj said...

Peace and Blessings Poodle Mom (And Happy Solstice to be),

Dj (Daun - the short, asian, roomie from so long ago)... anyway, Erin-head said you had a blog finally, and so i thought i'd drop a friendly hello by... i've been a slacker on my blog but i've been writing a lot more and falling in love... you know how that drama goes, anyway, i'm doing my best to keep an eye on (well, an ear on) that poodle erin, but she's a wiely one... i have to text-harrass her like crazy, and leave stalker messages... but she seems to being doing well... anyhoo, i dig ur blog, it's peaceful... helps me ground and be calm... sometimes i can get riled up by life...

-Peace be w/you and may you have a safe journey.
Infinite Love and Blessings, Always in All Ways.

Moonwriter said...

Daun! Of course I remember you. Please drop in often!