Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Official spring break report for Monday, March 27

Quote for the day:
Follow your bliss, and the doors of the universe will open wide.
--Joseph Campbell

Sleep: 8 hours!

Weather: Sunny, with wispy clouds.

Amazing news: Got a phone call today from the editor of the Oregon Quarterly magazine, telling me that I'd won the annual essay contest! This was an amazing surprise—I submitted almost three months ago and had pretty much given up hearing anything. The award brings a cash prize, a publication, and a public reading. Very, very exciting! The story is an essay about Celilo Falls (above), something dear to my heart.

Fun: Getting the phone call!

Chores: Went back to the PSU print shop first thing in the morning—it was open this time—and got my course packet turned in. The cover will be “lunar blue” and it will be ready by Monday. Ordered my textbooks for next term; did so via mostly used books and saved lots of cashola.

Food Events: Went by the grocery for apples and skim milk and found out that they’re now making miniature Cadbury crème eggs. You know, with the bunny?

The World: Oral mouth piercings are now being linked to infections and (possibly precancerous) tumors. It’s almost as if the tongue wasn’t meant to be pierced. Ya think?

Dog: Barked at bubble wrap. Charged the TV (Roseanne) once.


Katie said...

YAY that is so cool about the essay!! :)

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Rebecca said...

Congrats! That's wonderful news.