Saturday, April 15, 2006

Just a Saturday morning

The trilliums are in bloom—I snapped the above picture of them peeking out from under the front porch. I love trilliums—they’re such a harbinger of spring in these parts.

It’s been a hectic week—I can’t believe that one-fifth of spring term is already gone. The days fly by so quickly that sometimes I have to really stop and think which day of the week it is, let alone making sure that I have clothes to wear, food to eat, etc. The other day I left the house wearing nice slacks and black shoes…only the shoes were two different black shoes, instead of being one pair. Luckily I noted this before I drove off.

My writing classes are going splendidly—Lizzie Grossman is absolutely terrific, and being back in class with Debra Gwartney is also wonderful. I always learn so much from her. Next week in her class, one of my all-time favorite writers—Barry Lopez—is coming to speak and workshop with us. What a great evening that will be!

I did my taxes yesterday. ARGH. I owe quite a bit of money this year, the fallout from receiving wages, severance, and unemployment for a few months simultaneously over last spring-summer. Never fear, though. Next year I will appear financially destitute, so all will even out.

I turned in two new book proposals to Llewellyn publishing. Getting a book published there would be HUGE in terms of my aspirations to write in the magickal-Pagan community. The book I’m doing for New Page is also a terrific thing, but in the magick world, Llewellyn holds court, and it would be a benefit to me, as a writer, to get “on” there. Or to get “into their stable,” as people put it. That metaphor kind of makes me shudder, for some reason.

Lots to do today—reading for all three classes, plus some writing, and student papers to grade. Plus housework, laundry, etc. It’s a cool rainy day, so the pressures of going outside to garden aren’t there. The rain gives me permission to curl up on the couch with my books and papers and just hang out.

I’ve actually been a little under the weather this week—achy, headachy, etc. Some small virus trying to get hold, I suppose. Trying to blow my head off. Never hear—my skull is much too strong, my reserve too firm. Damn taxes, damn schedules, damn them all! Here’s to trilliums, good writers, and soft spring rains.


Katie said...

I miss the trilliums!!

and that's MUCHO cool about Lopez. Go mommy go!!

Erin Pez said...

That Beaker icon makes me laugh. :)

So, I just spent almost two hours doing nothing except for looking at Melissa Harris artwork online, and I am now fantasizing about owning a house simply so I could hang up her work everywhere.

I was going to ask you for ways to delve more into the Peagan-ish side of me, because I'm feeling that "need"... but hey, its Sunday... I just remembered that as I'm typing this... I'll call you!

Me is smart.