Monday, April 03, 2006

Official spring break report for Sunday, April 2

Sleep: Oh, yes.... There’s really nothing like sleeping in on a cool, dark morning. I got up to take Ernie out at 7:00, then he got up on bed and the whole family went back to sleep until 10:30! Whoa!

Weather: Rain, 55-ish.

Fun: We’d talked about going to the beach—we’d like to go and see Ft. Clatsop (our newest national park, and recently rebuilt after burning down a year and a few months ago)—but nixed the idea when thinking about returning-from-spring-break traffic. Plus, we’d gotten up too late to really do anything major. We ended up going out to breakfast, then to New Renaissance books and finally shopping.

Also: Brokeback Mountain continues to break new ground!
For the first time, Hollywood is making its latest movies available for download the same day DVDs arrive.

The first movie to receive simultaneous DVD and download treatment will be Brokeback Mountain, available Tuesday at Movielink ( Now playing on the service, launched today, are recent releases King Kong, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pride & Prejudice, Rent and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

"For the first time, consumers have the ability to not just rent a (downloadable) major motion picture from the major Hollywood studios but to own them," Movielink CEO Jim Ramo says. Consumers will pay for the convenience. New films such as Brokeback, King Kong and Memoirs of a Geisha will cost $20 to $30; older films such as Jaws, Easy Rider, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Sting will cost $10 to $16. By comparison, new DVD releases often are discounted as low as $14.


Grumble, grumble.... Movielink doesn't support Mac or Linux systems. ARGH. But, at least this news is a cool start, and we can only hope they begin supporting REAL computer systems soon.

Food Events
: Breakfast at Sully’s in downtown Milwaukie. Me, the Eggs Benedict, Bill the fresh Dungenous crab omelet.

: Well-rested.

And this brings the spring break blogging experiment to an end. On Monday it’s back to school for spring term, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me for three months!


Rebecca said...

I must say it sounds like you had a great Spring Break.

Moonwriter said...

You know, I didn't actually do a lot. But I slept, ate well, caught up on overdue paperwork, read, wrote, and hung out. All in all, a smashing success!

Katie said...

I wish I got spring break!

I loved your daily updates. i'm sad it's stopping. :(

Erin Pez said...

Yeah, I really liked them too.

Damnit. :(