Friday, January 27, 2006

Hppy ppy bthdth, Mozart!

(Points to the first person to post about the connection to the blog title.)

A big shout-out this morning to two people:

First, my beautiful, accomplished, amazing, pianist daughter--Erin--who is off in a few days to begin a round of graduate school piano auditions.

Second, to Mozart, who turns 250 today. (He doesn't seem that old, does he?) Cheeck out the Classical Music Archives for a sample of his music.


Erin Pez said...

Yay, good to know that somebody in this stupid world understands that grad school auditions are a big deal.

I mean... I love you mommy.

Erin Pez said...

Oooh, and about the title, its Winnie the Pooh, right?

Katie said...

i have no clue what the title means.

(I am the unattractive unaccomplished daughter, clearly)


Moonwriter said...

Yes, it's Pooh.

Katie, all of my children are gorgeous and smart and accomplished! It just happens to be Erin's turn right now.

Arne said...

Hi! I live in Germany and just found your comment on my blog. I do speak English! At least i try my best! How can I help you?

Shame on me! I had to look into a map to see where Portland is. Now i know!