Monday, January 16, 2006

Sifting stardust....

Here's a great opportunity to reach into the Cosmos!

As you all know, the "Stardust" capsule just returned to Earth, carrying bits of interstellar dust from 'Comet Wild 2.' The dust-- which is older than the sun--will be examined by the Stardust team over the next several years.

Much like the 'SETI At Home' project, in which computer users all over the world worked to help scientists examine billions of bits of computerized data of evidence of intelligent life, Stardust scientists are now also looking to the public for assistance. In the "Stardust at Home" project, public users will be given bits of comet data to analyze, then will return it to the 'Stardust' scientists.

The project is supposed to start in the spring-- right now they're publicizing it and encouraging people to pre-register.

Go to the Berkely Stardust site to pre-register by submitting your email address.

Also, don't miss today's APOD page for an explanation of the comet and the project.

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