Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Thinkfast Mountain

I'm too busy tonight to really write a blog, buy here's something for your viewing enjoyment, courtesy of this site, which has collected a set of "Brokeback" poster parodies. Gotta love these, although apologies go out to Ernie and Bert. I've never believed they were gay, but if they are, let's just keep it quiet so Pat Robertson doesn't find out.

Above is the actual poster, next to the Titanic Poster, which Brokeback's was supposedly modeled after.

The fun just keeps on coming....

All fun aside, I saw "Pokeback...er, Brokeback Mountain" with my friend, Amanda, and it was incredible. If it doesn't sweep all of the awards this year, something's not right.

Forget all of the "gay love story" labels that are being slapped on it-- the real "Brokeback" is a story about love, plain and simple, and heartbreak. We've all been there. You'll find yourself in this film, and chances are you won't mind the scenery along the way.

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