Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!

How's everyone? Staying out of trouble?

We've had a nice holiday. Went to Mom and Joe's on Saturday-- Ernie house-sat for us. We had a nice visit with Mom and Joe and Gussie (left, with catnip).

'Ate good barbecue and watched the first half of an amazing film that I highly recommend: The World's Fastest Indian, with Anthony Hopkins. A motorcycle flick, a helpful transvestite, biker gangs, creative use of kitchen tools, and land speed records on the Bonneville salt flats work with quirky, wonderful characters to make a movie that's just plain fun to watch. Thumbs up!

It was a beautiful drive home across the high desert. Mt. Jefferson (top) looked especially gorgeous.

Yesterday was a work and schoool day, which felt odd. Today was an out-in-the-yard day, which felt like Saturday. Tomorrow it's back to work and school, but only for two days. then I'll have Fri-Sat-Sun off. I'm really going to be screwed up.

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Erin Pez said...

I love your new profile pic