Friday, July 14, 2006

Heading for the beach tomorrow

Haircut this morning, house-tidying and reading this afternoon, dinner this evening and early to bed.

Tomorrow morning I'll leave very early for Cannon Beach (above), and my 'landscape geology' seminar. I'm excited! Should be home late on Sunday. It looks to be gorgeous weather at the beach, so the whole thing is going to be one big treat-- a mini-vacation.

Then next week will be the last week of the summer term, and there's light at the end of the tunnel!

I watched 'Sideways' this week-- interesting movie. Quirky, touching, and stupid all at once. The acting was top-notch, but while I was entertained by the story, I didn't believe most of it. And I don't really get the title, other than in the most obtuse way. So, there you go.

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Katie said...

Enjoy the beach! I'm glad you watched Sideways. I love that movie. The acting WAS amazing. The characters frustrated me -- all except Maya. She was the only one that seemed to have her act together. But I think that was the point. And I think the title referred to the idea of veering off course.... Life turning sideways, literally. No forward movement. No backward movement per se. It sort of has a road-trip implication to it. Anyway, it's one movie I can watch over and over. Favorite quote: "I'm NOT drinking any f*cking merlot!" (I love merlot!!) And I like the part when he dumps the wine on himself and the friend tells the pourer "His grandma just died." :) Also like the somewhat ambiguous ending. Will Miles find happiness? With Maya? Will he get a book published? What we do know is he finally "grew a pair" (as Lorelai would say) and was taking a step forward. I'll stop blabbing now.