Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Cause it's Christmas, All Over, Again....

This year, we decided to celebrate our family's version of ChristmaYuleStice on Sunday, Dec. 23. This ended up being the optimal time in terms of work, travel, etc. Our celebrants included Bill, Erin, Scott, Rebecca, and Yours Truly. Katie and John flew to Barrow, AK, to spend the holiday at the North Pole with John's parents. (We planned to travel over to see Gammie and Joe on the 26th; this plan was foiled when Gammie's residence complex fell into the grips of a Norovirus epidemic. Stay tuned....)

Yulestice morning....

Opening a myriad of present-- Santa was generous this year.

Scott sniffs my new wooden ladle (carved by Bill). Most likely Scott is trying to see if there is any food sticking to it.

More presents....

Bill brandishes gun-shaped hand warmers. He's packing heat!

Rebecca indulged Scott's aspirations to Rocky-dom:

Some music in the aftermath....

On the 25th, we called Katie in Barrow. Here is Erin, talking to Katie while pretending they're sitting on the couch together.

Scott and Rebecca headed home on Dec. 25. Here's Scott stretching Rebecca, while the Pookie Moose waits patiently by the door.

Happy Yule to all!

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