Friday, December 14, 2007

Birthdays, Baby Squirrels, and Pop Culture Irritation

I have finally emerged from fall term teaching and a host of other deadlines and company and being sick for 2.5 weeks to decide it's time to catch up on this blog.

Happy Birthday, Katie!

And that BEGINS with a 3-days late shout-out to my first-born child. Katie Marie Pesznecker celebrated #31 on Friday, Dec. 14. Kate was born at 8:37 am, the same 'minute' I was born on twenty-two years earlier. (Given that there are 1440 minutes in a day, this is pretty cool!) Above is a photo of Katie, Erin, and I taken last Christmas-- we're all sporting scarves knit by Katie.

Katie lives in Alaska with her sweetheart, John. Travel to and from is pricey, and so we don't see much of her-- but she was home at Thanksgiving and we had a really nice visit.

Anyway, Kate.... Happy Birthday! And here's to many, many more....


Okay-- let's play catch-up.

First, back on Oct. 5, Scott celebrated B-day #29! Here he is, home for the weekend and enjoying a plateful of cupcakes and mini-birthday cakes. And Rebecca's right-- somehow he manages to keep looking younger, even as he gets older.

A couple of weeks later, Erin was home to celebrate birthday #26. Wow! Once again, tiny cakes and squiggly candles. (Am I in a rut? No-- just having fun with a set of mini cake pans that I'd purchased.)

Somewhere in mid-October, a mother squirrel brought her three babies to our yard-- in fact, our back deck-- and left them there to fend for themselves. These were tiny squirrels-- the size of chipmunks, and probably only recently weaned. Squirrels don't normally have litters this late, something we can thank global warming for. Anyway, I knew that these bitty squirrels wouldn't make it through the soon-to-be-freezing winter without some help-- they barely knew how to climb a tree, let alone forage for food in the wet, cold months. So, we filled up a small feeder with corn and sunflower seeds and peanuts, in hopes of helping them fatten up.

Addendum: as of Dec. 19, all three babies are alive and well and are now the size of small squirrels and looking quite healthy. They also are all still hanging around the yard, but that's fine with me.


I continue to be irritated and somewhat nauseous regarding Britney Spears' apparent hold on the American pop psyche. I just don't see it. Whatever she once had-- in terms of a youthful dewiness kind of thing-- has been replaced by a hardened, trailerish, heavy-faced unattractiveness. And she's a bad mother to boot, having committed unpardonable antics in terms of her children. And she pregnant again. AUGH! As if this isn't enough joy, her 16 year old sister has also just turned up pregnant, leaving her parent TV company, Nickelodeon, trying to to clean-up. (And wow-- did Brit and Jamey's mom do a great job of raising them or what?) This all led to the following newspaper headline, which at least made me smile:

Nickelodeon considers Spears pregnancy special

What they meant to say in this headline was that they're considering developing a special program to discuss the delicate issue. But.... Um, people over at Nick.... Who's on proofreading detail?

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