Saturday, December 15, 2007

Turkey Day 2007

In years past, we've always gone to Mom and Joe's for Thanksgiving, where Mom has been chief cook and bottle washer. Obviously that's no a no-go, given the conditions imposed by her stroke. It had been many years since all of us-- including the kids-- were together at Thanksgiving, especially with Katie living in Alaska. But bless the kid's hearts.... They all rearranged their schedules so that we could convene for an all-family Turkey Day.

Katie arrived in town a few days early, after visiting her sibs in Seattle. She, Bill, and I spent a really nice day in the Gorge. It was sort of cold, damp, and foggy-fuzzy, but for anyone who loves the gorge like we do, you know that there is no such thing as a bad day there. If anything, winter is an excellent time to see the gorge-- the waterfalls are huge, and with the deciduous trees bare, the view is terrific. Here's the postcard view from Women's Forum State Park:

Here's Katie, at Shepherd's Dell....

Katie and I at Wah-Kee-Nah: "Most Beautiful."

Turkey Day.... Katie and I drove over on Wednesday, after I got home from work. Scott and Erin were going to arrive early on Thursday. Bill had other obligations on Thursday morning, and then would drive over around noon. (Rebecca was ill and stayed in Everett with her kitty and a pizza.)

Joe and I had decided that Mom might enjoy a real breakfast for a change. So be picked her up from The Home and I made a brunch-type breakfast. I wasn't sure I'd be able to keep her out of the kitchen, and after Joe brought her to the house, one of the first things she did was wheel right up to the stove to check on what I was doing. Apparently it looked okay, because she stayed out of the kitchen after that, thank Goddess.

For those surprised to see Gammie standing, she stands fairly easily now, and walks with assistance. She also walks with help.

Gammie also spent time hanging out with Gussie....

Joe Comito, Kitchen Wench.

Erin and Scott arrived right on time. Scotty came ready with a cooler for leftovers! (His life priority hasn't changed.)

I put the kids to work as scullery crew, although in this photo, Erin is more interested in sampling the vino.

Scott mashed the potatoes. Nice to have a strong arm around for that....

(Note that at this time, Bill was stuck on Mt.Hood with a damaged tire rim, and was unable to make the trip over.)

Here are the three kids and their Gammie (Erin is 26, Scott 29, and Kate almost 31):

And here I am with my kidlets. Katie was knitting-- she keeps the family in toasty hats and scarves. Note that Scott has just finished eating something.

More cooking....

As the feast hit the table, Mom looked impatient!

Preparing to dig in....

We had a great meal, and I think Gammie enjoyed having her kids together. Scott and Erin left in the later afternoon, as they had to be at work the next day. Katie and I stayed overnight and drove back the next day. I was exhausted! So was Gam-- when Joe took her back to The Home, he said he kind of tossed her into bed and she conked out even before her shoes were off.

What better to end this post with than the requisite cute cat picture?

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